Easily accessible by car, about 1050 km from Brussels of which 1030 km  by freeway to Agen (A62).

A detailed road description will be delivered by request. We advise to take the road via Montauban. This one has less traffic and is less expensive (payage) than the road via Bordeaux.

A combination of Thalys and iDTGV  from Brussels to Agen (+20 min. until Fieux) in 5:53 hrs,  or to  Bordeaux in 4:11 hrs.

Buying online tickets is possible via Trainline : Search, Compare & Buy Cheap Train Tickets (thetrainline.com)

The Toulouse airport is located at 130 km from Fieux (1:25 hrs). You can fly from Brussels or Charleroi .

You can also fly to Bergerac (114 km from Fieux or 1:37 hrs) or Bordeaux (140 km from Fieux or 1:40 hrs)

A taxi can pick you up at the railway station or at the airport. Nérac has multiple local taxi companies operating 24/7, 7/7.  Fare calculation

You can also rent a car at the airport.