The vacation rental house is located in Fieux, in the south of the Lot-et-Garonne (zip code 47600), only 5 km north of the Gers department. Fieux is a commune of Francescas, close to Nérac. (44.09805°North and 0.43913°East)

 The  Lot-et-Garonne feels like heaven for nature lovers and is named after the two most importand rivers  that flow there. In the hilly landscape, you can find almost 200 km of navigable waterways and 3500 km of hiking trailsThe region has excellent vineyards, a big stock of cattle (eg. the local Blonde d'Aquitaine cows) and a lot of fruit and vegetables are being cultivated (eg. prunes of Agen).

Besides the natural attraction, the region also offers an extended rural and architectural heritage of castles, pigeon houses and mills. It's a destination where also lovers of architecture get excited.