In Francescas (3km) you will find a restaurant, pharmacist and doctor next to a convenience store and a bakery.

For weekly purchases you can go to Nérac (10km) where several supermarkets are located (Intermarché Super- Centre Commercial Les Portes de Nérac, Biocoop L'Albret Vert, Lidl, Leader Price, Carrefour Market, Gamm Vert ...). In the center of the city there are several bakers, butchers, restaurants, pharmacists, ... and there is a Tourist Office and hospital.
La Plume (11km) is another possibility if you look for a supermarket.

If you want to go shopping  for a whole day, you will definitely enjoy the commercial center of Agen (20km) or get excited in one of the outskirts of the city (ZAC Agen Sud).

You can also visit one of the local markets almost every morning, where local people offer their finest fruits and vegetables. Especially the market in Nérac on Saturdays is a hit..


Market days Location
Monday /
Tuesday Aiguillon (25km)
Wednesday Lavardac (14km) & Condom(16km-whole day)
Thursday /
Friday Nérac (9km-small),Moncrabeau (13km), Lectoure (24km)
Saturday Nérac (9km-large), Agen (20km)
Sunday Mézin (14km), Agen (20km) and Bon-Encontre (21km)